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Gas Leak

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Hi Colleagues,

WE had a gas leak reported a few months earlier all is well now.

Late night call ( after replacing a new washing machine same day, couldn't believe it ! )

Self contained Flat - Block Managed. 1st Floor.

Called - National Gas Emergency number - Very good response.

Within the hour, after telling tenants immediately shut off their gas supply, usual no smoking, no lights switch on / off, leave the building trigger alarm & inform neighbours.
Tenants remained in flat quite calm ( calmer than I ) informed me smell of gas in the bathroom.

Gas inspector could smell gas in the bathroom !
Turned out to be ground floor flat below had accidentally left their gas hob on.

All is well now, I informed new Block Management co. whom I hope recorded the problem.

I have fitted as extra pre-caution Natural Gas Alarm just outside bathroom door near ceiling, informed tenants why alarm is there and NO smoking by anyone in the Bathroom.

The Flats - layout they all have an extractor fan above gas hob area, I think a possibility there may be a communal exhaust / extraction pipework that runs vertically up to roof / roofspace ? If this isn't sealed correctly it could be the source ?

Hence although new Block Management co. looking after properties at the moment weren't too interested. The Bathroom is directly behind the kitchen / gas hob and there is a communal internal foul pipe running vertically hence my thoughts there may be a vertical extractor pipe which serves all Flats in the block.

I asked Tenants any cooking smells appear in bathroom ?
Again just trying to source if problem is with a leaky extractor pipe from flat below.

IS there anything else I should be doing or missed to ensure tenants remain in a safe home ?

This is the first time, in a number of years, we have ever had this type of problem reported.

Block Management co. and Gas Emergency people - I followed up next day as to anything else I should do or if they recommend any other safety precautions legally or otherwise, no real response other than you reported a problem & it's now resolved.

Having fitted a Natural Gas Alarm & informed Tenants what they need to be aware of I think i'm covered with a clear conscience.

Thank you.

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16/05/2020 11:36

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