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Tree roots affecting next door's patio

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Frank Beechey
Frank Beechey
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Hi, I have a little issue with a tree in my back garden and wondered if anyone could give some advice. Basically the story is as follows.

The landlord of the property next door to mine wants to put his property on the market, and said there are some trees in my garden he wants to cut down as they are blocking his light. After discussion with my tenant. (she likes the tree as they give her privacy) we agreed he could trim it right back as some of the branches are hanging over onto his garden, but we didnt want the trees chopped down.

This obviously angered him, as the response I got was, I have to cut them down as the roots are lifting his patio, and if i refuse he will phone the council and they will chop it down and bill me for it. Now from a point of view of the council I know this is absolutely nonsense they wouldn't get involved with a dispute between 2 private landlords.

My query is more around his patio. I accept the roots are probably lifting slabs on his patio, but am I liable for this? Surely if i chopped the tree down the roots would rot and his patio would sink as a result? I know he has every right to chop down branches they encroach, but I've never heard or seen any rules around roots.

Any advice or experience with this would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards, Frank

18/05/2020 10:20

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