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Tenant has Removed Downstairs Smoke Alarm

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Dear Advice Team

One of my tenants - whom we discovered had illicitly moved a dog into the property see previous forum postings) - has been found to have removed a smoke alarm fitted to the ground floor, apparently in FULL KNOWLEDGE of the legal (and Section 21) implications of doing so. We believe she did this to forestall a Section 21 eviction over the dog issue. For information the property smoke alarms had previously been checked in the presence of the tenant at the very outset of the tenancy and witnessed by myself in compliance with the latest requirement in Law. Crucially (and inexcusably I accept no written statement to that effect was signed and the witnessing handyman has now retired and moved. For further information the tenant concerned is a Council social worker who has proved fully versed in tenancy law through her work on behalf of vulnerable people.

We have simply replaced the alarm without comment to avoid exacerbating the already atrocious relations which have developed.

With the replacement of the alarm are we now ok to proceed with a S21?

Thank you for your assistance.

17/09/2016 09:10

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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