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Khalid Hasan
Khalid Hasan
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Dear Sir/Madam
I had one empty house before lockdown. One prospective tenant viewed it on 14th march 2020. He made a payment of £200 as a holding deposit to me then I have proceeded his tenancy reference check and his reference was positive result on 18th March. I contacted him several times to do contract agreement and move in to my house. Unfortunately he ignored me and he replied me after lockdown started. He disagreed to do so as corona lockdown.

I contacted him again on 9th May and request him to do contract agreement and move in on next week. I contacted him again on 11th May evening time after PM announcement. He answered delay every time to kill time. Then He technically answered me with no positive result.

In the mean time I manage to get another tenant on 13th May and rent it out him. I have lost near about two months rent for the 1st person.

The 1st person back to me on 14th May and asked me to do contract agreement and I told him that the house is rent to other person. Now he is asking me refund his holding money (£200). Should I bound to refund him this money?

Please advice me.


18/05/2020 17:49

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