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Heat recover units, or kitchen hoods venting through soffits

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I had some bad luck this year. Both of the tenants in my rental properties caused bad mould and condensation issues.
I have not had these issues before , despite letting several years. I was looking at heat recovery systems and separating joined ductwork to install a more powerful bathroom fan (Both the kitchen and shower room share the same exit, so getting a more powerful fan in ashared duct causes a lot of problems.)
I have a loft, but the installer said, that the heat recovery would need exits through or near soffit the soffits, as would separting my kitchen hood extractor .
And just put a single heat recovery it will also be by the soffits. I am pretty worried about causing damp and rot into the roof cavity.
I read that one should not vent through or near soffits, as it is pretty much just the same as venting it directly into the attic, the moist warm air will be pulled back up into the roof as they are used for air intake into the attic (and out a ridge or gable vent).
. AM I being overcautious? I read a lot of the mould and condensation post where heat recovery was recommended however they werent top floor flats.

24/05/2020 17:54

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