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Anyone any experience in this that could please help?
I own an ex council top floor flat and rent it to a very good tenant who is threatening to move out due to a foul smell omitting from the flat below. Previous tenant of 4 years did move out because of this problem. The girl who lives below has a dog and a cat and also has special needs. It is council policy that no pets are allowed in properties that share a communial access. She is unable to care for these pets as they are never let out so obviously defecate in the property resulting in the terrible stench which is filtering into flat above.
I have received compliant emails sent by previous tenant going back 3 yrs, I only became aware of this when the new tenant forwarded mail to previous tenant.
I have contacted firstly the RSPCA and reported the neglect of pets, then the council but even after 4 weeks and several calls had no feed back at all. I have reported this to the Environmental health again with no contact!
Even after 3+years this issue hasn't been correctly addressed as it seems this girl gets neglected until the smell gets so bad neighbours complain forcing council/social services in to action!
Something is clearly wrong with the procedures in place with both the council & social services.
What can be done to force the issue to make sure I'm not continually loosing tenants to this situation?

30/09/2016 11:18

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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