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Im a small licenced hmo, and am resident in the property. My 5 year electric certificate is due. 5 electricians later, im in a nightmare.

5 years ago, I passed the inspection with minor work. This electrician is now retired.

My current electrician, charged £160 for the inspection and failed me on a number of minor things, including one continuity problem. He quoted me £120 to rectify the work, and to see if I had a loose wire causing the continuity problem. He usually charges £35 per hr. If it wasn't a loose wire, then it would be £70 per half hr to fault find. I asked him what happens if he doesn't find the fault? How many hours would it take to find the problem. He said I would need to rewire. He did the work, and found the loose wire, corrected the socket, tested continuity, and failed me. He came in to fault find under the cellar for about 2 hrs, and couldn't find the problem.

Another electrician found an earth wire had been pulled out of where it should be, in a junction box, and badly wired ie loose wires in the other junction boxes. I had words with the electrician, because I was clearing the cellar out when he was checking the junction boxes.We came to a settlement that I owe him no more money, and he refunded me my £160. There were other problems as he left 2 deep freezers not pluged in, rewired one plug wrongly 3x etc

Another two electricians, on separate occasions came in to retest the continuity. They did a socket test with that plug in plug, and every things is fine. I said Im not paying, until they did a continuity test and give me a report. They couldn't do this.

So, I get another electrician in at £240 to do my certificates. He wouldn't work from the other electricians report. He said most of what I got failed on before, was rubbish, and didn't need to have that work done.
At the end of the day, there were 14 failures on ground floor on one consumer unit, alone, and a long list of faults. He said it would take him 5 hrs to do a quote for me on ground floor alone.

I asked him, how come these faults were not picked up on 5 years ago, and why the other electricians did not find these faults or fail me on these issues.
He told me that its up to the electrician to understand the law. Now there is no ways I can afford to have this work done, as its major work besides minor. I gave notice to the lodgers when I realised im going in circles some time ago, as I don't have the certificates.

NOW AM I UNDERSTANDING CORRECTLY, I can get in a few more electricians, and everyone of them is going to fail me on all different stuff, and none of these reports are going to match each other.? Either way........ some electrician is hoping ive got an open wallet.

Had I known 5 years go about these problems, I wouldn't have mortgaged my house to pay for all the work the council wanted doing. I had to invest some 35 grand.

Its not rocket science that I don't make much and am only keeping the family home going and a roof over my own head. I don't have thousands to do the work.

Some of the new failures, which were not picked up before, are...

Both consumer units need to be changed, because its either metal or plastic and it should be the other way round.
Either way, my consumer units fail because you can get your fingers into the box where the wires go in and out and debris can fall in. I asked how, as the units are enclosed in a box, and none can put their fingers in unless they use a ladder to reach the box, as its up by the ceiling. Anyway why would one want to put their fingers up the holes?

I have showers in two bedrooms, which are not enclosed, and there are sockets in the room. Before this was a class 3. Now its a class 2. Enclose the showers no space, remove the showers, or remove the electrics.

My wires are too close to the water and gas pipes, I need a rewire job. Well, why did the water board put the new pipes where they have, when they put everyone on to a water meter 3 years go. Previously the water pipes were in from the back of the house. Why did the central heating man 15 years ago, put the gas pipes there, and why did british gas put the pipes there, when they moved my meter from the celler to the front of the house.? Plus the water and gas pipes aren't earthed where they should be. Its too far away.

I now have 4 failure on continuity, instead of 1, including, my 5 year old installed fire alarms failed.

The last electrician, said there was a continuity problem, on the radial thingy, and anyway I should have a 20amp and not a 32 amp as the extractor fan etc are wired into the plugs, but then my washing machine etc wont work. I have this on the report and in emails.
This electrician said no, I don't have 2 radial things, its on a continuous circuit. And I need the 32amp rcd split into 2x 20 amps and that cant be done as I don't have space for more rcd, so I need a new consumer unit anyway.

My lights aren't on a rcd. This I don't understand as my lights go out when I switch the switch in the consumer unit. Isnt that a rcd?

I have too many wires in the junction box.

I wont go on about all the works. But as you can see, with 4 continuity problems alone, at £70 per half hr to fault find, at how many hours....I would need an open check book.

Now two years ago, I called an electrician in cause my light bulb was flicking. He told me my wires upstairs were melting, the volts were low, I need a rewire job. Later I realised that the bulb flickers before it dies. No one has failed this electrics upstairs.

Last year the electrician failed my fire alarms. He pressed the button on the alarm, and showed me it not talking to the others. I asked why he isn't pressing the button on the test unit thingy, and the alarms worked the week before, so what could go wrong. I called the manufacturer of the alarms, who said it takes 5 min for the alarms to reset when you press on the button, but if you use the test unit you can reset immediately.

This year, the electrician failed my alarms, because I don't have any in the bedroom. Im a resident landlord I don't need a category 1 system, only a 3, the council told me so.

THESE ELECTRICIANS ARE TRYING TO FAIL ME, TO MAKE WORK FOR THEMSELVES OR OTHER ELECTRICIANS, because, if I don't give THEM the work to do at inflated prices, I have to get another electrician out, and repay for the tests to be done again!!!!

Now the electrician who said its going to take 5 hrs to do me a quote, because of the amount of failure, has said he doesn't really want to do the work. So I guess im going to have a huge quote. Which means I have to turn him down, and get another electrician in to do the test AGAIN.

And who knows what he will fail me on.

Where does this circle end...... I don't make this sort of money from the house.

30/09/2016 12:55

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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