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Existing tenants: new AST or Statutory Periodic Tenancy: what do I need to do?s

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Brighton landlord
Brighton landlord
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HMG have by now got me completely confused about what I need to do when our current tenants get to the end of their AST on 27 July. They have asked for a new AST and while we are happy to give them this, we have suggested we move to Statutory Periodic Tenancy (no change in rent in current circs). Pending their response, I am checking my checklist as to what we give them as follows:

  1. Current gas certificate dated 24 March this year. But hard copy or e-mailed version?
  2. Current EPC dated 22 June 2016. But again hard copy or e-mailed version?
  3. Prescribed information for continuing deposit with Deposit Protection Service: New AST -yes? Statutory Tenancy - No? Hard copy if at all obviously and tediously.
  4. How to Rent booklet- 7 August 2019 version. Hard copy or e-mailed version?
  5. Electrical Installation Condition Report dated 22/11/2016 - yep, I know that we await (beginning of June) regulations that will advise if this is good enough or whether we have to get a new one done. But if it is OK, is it e-mail or hard copy.

Errrrrr, anything else? Thanks very much!

29/05/2020 15:10

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