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I recently spoke to Dave (RLA Helpline) who advised that if the rent is paid by any other frequency other than weekly, then a rent book is not required. Since the rent is paid fortnightly currently by cheque then by standing order with effect 30 June 2008, I have written to the tenant advising that I will no longer be using the rent book, and returned it to her duly completed and up to date. The tenant was previously annoyed that I did not return it to her on the rent days when she dropped of the rent (through letter box), although the reason for the delay was to ensure that the cheque cleared.

I have received a letter from her today advising me that and I quote " I have also been advised that due to your decision to not use the it, I can legally request another form of rent proof (ie record of payments or receipts of payments) and by law you have to supply one if requested. As I would like written proof of payments (as a standing order record or contract will not state exact dates of payments and payment to dates).

Can someone please advise me where I go with this. Is the tenant correct and if not can someone advise where I can quote chapter and verse that she is incorrect?

Also she has further advised in her letter that she wants a receipt for her rent cheque (due this friday, I am loathe to issue one until I know the cheque has cleared. The tenant is also providing me with a post dated rent cheque as she will be on holiday when it is next due and is requesting a receipt for this also.

At this point she has not contacted the Cit Advice Bureau but she has an appointment this week to let them check over the new tenancy agreement, so I would like to know where she is getting this advice from.

I feel this is becoming a power struggle, which I can end I know by issuing a section21 as previously advised, but I really don't want to have to serve notice unless this cannot be resolved.

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02/06/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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