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Aerial Dilemma

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One of our tenants has recently been asking us to install a TV aerial to the property as they want to get rid of Sky TV. We have never been responsible for provision of TV supply and they installed the Sky dish without checking with us first!. I am 99% sure we are not responsible for providing an aerial as it is not in the contract, it wasn't provided when they moved in and on the inventory all TV points etc state "not tested" - am I correct?

Also, if we are not responsible for this what can we do with regards stopping them putting an aerial up or ensuring that anything they decide to do themselves does not further damage the property; the Sky dish has already caused some damage to the wall and we are in the process of having the chimney repaired so do not want anything damaging the new work or the roof.

I don't want to be difficult as if they can't afford Sky then they need to get rid of it but they have already done quite a bit of damage to the property some intentionally and if we do now supply it will we then be liable for any future repairs?

Any help please!

10/10/2016 13:03

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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