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10 year electrical certificate

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I recently had an electrician come out to do a 10 year EICR on a rental apartment between rentals for £150.00
It transpires that after the new tenant moved in he attempted to use the dishwasher and it would not work I called out a company to look at the dishwasher. Just before they came out, the washing machine also would not work!
They discovered that whoever had put the appliances in when the property was new, had either put the machines in the wrong place or wired up the machines incorrectly with the sockets. This has never come to light before as I imagine the switches were always left on - therefore no one would be the wiser!. However having had the electrical company come out to do the electrical certificate this is when the problem has come to light. My question is how is it possible that the electrician could issue the certificate with this problem? Would it not have come to light on his electrical tests?
I have now paid out £150 for the electrical report and £83 for the dishwasher company for them to tell me that it is an electrical issue! I have written to the electrician but his reply is quite defensive!
I am concerned that the electrical certificate I now have is not valid??
Any advice would be welcome - thank you.

12/10/2016 13:58

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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