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I have a house which we own and my daughter lives in it as her permanent home. We rent out 2 bedrooms to lodgers students which sometimes works sometimes is life from hell. The agreement has me as the landlord - I own the bricks and mortar - but was made clear to lodgers before they even signed anything that daughter lives there, she selects the persons, it is her home and she will act on my behalf when needed.

They have signed the excluded tenancy agreement - room only Several months before they moved in at the start of term. On moving in, they then complained they did not have equal rights to daughter living in the house and demanded a different contract. I explained the property is owner occupied, that is not possible to give them a different contract - they are not happy. I gave them the option of dropping out and not moving in there and then, they said they would try it for a couple of months and if not working they they would give notice - agreement has no end date just 2 months notice either side - I clarified that all 3 are expected to look after the property, if there is an issue they can contact me but things get sorted quickly if they also speak with daughter. Now they refuse to deal with daughter, only me, on everything.

Now becoming the tenants from hell - they blatantly lie and then say everything is my daughters fault. They come in at all hours disturbing her and the neighbours. Leave cooked food on the hob for 18+ hours not cleaning up! even now moving all daughters things in the kitchen trying to push her out. When they damaged something it is our fault that they have 'not been told' but when trying to arrange a meeting to 'show them' they disappear. Even lied they did not get the texts, though have delivered and read receipts!!!

i am told this is definitely owner occupier - we have run like this for 5-6 yrs - just don't want a problem if it gets escalated to the next stage - is this right?

12/10/2016 14:58

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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