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Whose responsible?

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Have tenants in property.

They notify me by email, that there is a leak in the bathroom which they use along with the shower apparently not being hot enough. And a number of other things.

My daughter lives in the property - they refuse to speak to her or inform her of problem. I ask her to look go to bathroom on FaceTime so I can see 3-4 hr drive away and to see if hot water is not hot, and where it is leaking from .

Unable to emulate a leak and hot water was too hot for her to out hand under it. Checke the instant boiler and it was heating to 57C so turned up to 64C to ensure hot water in shower mixer is working.

I was staying in house just over 2 weeks ago - shower did not leak and hot water was certainly hot.

Daughter told get plumber in. The bath panel is removed and there is no evidence of a water leak.

Then saw the shower screen had been pulled off the side of the bath where it would normally sit with an extremely tight seal, and they had pushed towards the shower/mixer taps. A little amazed they managed this as I have been scared might break the screen it is so tight to the bath.

They put screen back in place and then find the seal on the bottom has been damaged, clearly from them moving the screen back and forth the seal was not in the correct position and when tested, water gushes out between the bottom of the shower screen and the top edge of the bath. Talking a lot of water not a trickle

Sent video to lodgers showing the issue and why it had happened, explained they had damaged the seal which needed replacement and told they would be charged for fixing it

I got it sorted that day

sent them bill for costs of replacement seal, mileage costs to store and back and paint to rectify the water damaged ceiling they kept using the shower even though they knew there was a problem. Total of £37.99 between the two and if it was definitely only one of them that did the damage then they can fight it out between themselves .

Plumber did not charge me for his time , which was very nice of him - think he felt sorry for me.

I do not consider this a landlord repair cost as I did not cause the damage it is not fair wear and tear.. I have now received an email saying they disagree with this as I should have told them not to move the door - though I haven't told them how to flush the toilet and they manage to do that without instruction!

Now hear on the grape vine that they are not going to pay damage cost also planning to withhold rent.

Having left a message on the shower screen not to move it and not to use the shower for 48 hrs - until new sealant had dried they were not charged for the damaged sealant I get a phone call,demanding to use the ensuite shower. I tell them they cannot, there is a bath they can use that, they still have washing facilities but the shower can't be used until the sealant is dry. They then claim they haven't used the shower for the 2 weeks they been there! Then my daughter tells me they are running the shower despite the note telling them not to do so!

My view is if the shower screen fell off the wall and broke as the screws were loose or a washer in a tap split, that is a landlord repairing obligation
However, the seal being broken and the susequent damage to the house was a direct result of their actions then this should be their responsibility.


12/10/2016 15:31

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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