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I have a property to rent which is not so demanding area. Its been on a market since over a month but no luck with the tenant. property is a good standard, newly decorated but there is always mobile signal problem in that area.

I have few inquires but many of them either cant afford the deposit or dont like it bcos of signal issues.

I now have one tenant who wants it ,man and a woman with 3 kids , both unemployed and never worked, dss and all other benefits, man has got no bank account that's what i been told, when i asked how the benefit has being paid , she said he gets benefit paid in her account.I can see on some benefit letter his name. They have a guarantor , they need to top up £20 /week from their money, which i can see from their benefit that they can afford it, but how do i check whether man is good enough in credit /payment wise.
Guarantor is his mum , first she said , she will be guarantor for extra top up only , then i said no either for the whole rent or no property, then she agreed but she told me if they both split up ,then i will be out of guarantor contract,
Just cant decide what to do on this matter, what's say?

Any advice or experience you can share with me please?



13/10/2016 14:59

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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