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Hi All,
Quick question... We have an ex tenant thank God!) she is a solicitor and throughout her tenancy has been a complete pain in the bum.We eventually got sick of her and sent out a s21, no problem , she moved out. She is now being difficult with the deposit, she has completely played the system and I am virtually on first name terms with the DPS over it. She has verbally threatened that she knows how to play the law, but obviously has not done so in writing. She has admitted damages to part of the property but is stating that it was cleaner when she left than when she started. Cheek. Amongst the damages are cracks to the fridge freezer internally to the door and some staining to the vegetable drawers along with a dent (possibly from kicking the door shut to the front of the door. She is citing wear and tear?? I have sent her a list of deductions and although she has admitted taking down lights and leaving blanking plates in their place, she disagrees we can claim for an electrician to put these back up? Your thoughts are appreciated, also, should I make a point she has been difficult with the process??! Does it not also show her in a bad light in view of her profession not to make us aware she had also completely cracked the bathroom sink?

13/10/2016 15:04

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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