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Tenant has moved pet dog into house without permission (Developments)

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Dear Advice Team.

a) We have repeatedly advised the Tenant that we continue to hold her in breach of her tenancy agreement as we do not feel comfortable in tacitly "vindicating" her initial deception.
b) The Tenant recently demanded our co-operation in removing our supplied white goods which were in place at the property when it was first let to her.
c) We have promised measured co-operation if she supplied evidence that she has maintained her pet insurance policy during the several month interim. She previously copied the policy - which is or was monthly renewable - when her deception first came to light. We feel this issue is pertinent as a pet policy demonstrates responsible ownership, mitigates against crisis diversion of rent for unforeseen pet illness, and is recommended for landlords of dog-owning tenants.
d) We also demanded confirmation that she had obtained permission for her dog at the previous rented property, again as a recommended action for landlords
e) The tenant has clearly neither maintained the policy nor previously obtained permission to house the dog as she has now become unresponsive and started to withhold rent.

My queries are:
1) Do we have any chance of getting this Tenant out under Section 8 for breach of tenancy terms wrt the dog, which dog we have never given approval for?
2) Given that her arrears are only one week to date, would we have to issue a separate Section 8 once the arrears reached 8 weeks or could we cover this point in advance under the Section 8 for the dog on some pretext or other?
3) If we issue a Section 8/ dog and Section 21 at the same time, would the Section 8/ dog hearing be delayed by the Courts until the Section 21 hearing as they would both involve the same tenant and tenancy?
4) Overall, what would you advise us to do?

14/10/2016 13:37

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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