My letting Agent was racist.

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I was having a bad deal from letting agents and so, I employed a letting Agent associated with Citizen Advice Bureau.

They told me that they employ traders for repairs who are registered with the Trading Standards but that was not true. They employed un-registered traders who colluded with my letting Agent and tenant to defraud me against repairs. For example, my tenant had a kitchen fire and I got insurance quote through the letting agent's recommendation. The trader gave me the quote for supply and fitting the kitchen but not the complete breakdown. Later on my letting agent and the tenant colluded to say that cooker and some other items, the tenant is paying for. At this point I asked the letting agent to supply me the full breakdown but he refused to do so under the excuse that the trader does not want to disclose the items bought. He will not give the breakdown at all and I found out now that he was not registered with trading standards. My letting agent confirms that he is registered with the Trading standards.

Now, if this CAB associated letting agent can tell pack of lies, then whom would you trust? I have the feeling that my letting agent is racist as I am Indian.

My letting Agents had been putting me off under one excuse or the other. Do the Citizen Advice Bureau has a way of investigating this matter on racial basis?

I can disclose the name of the letting Agent if someone is prepared to help me out please.

19/10/2016 18:05

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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