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Mistakes on Possession Order

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Court hearing was at Bow CC on 12 October, citing section 21.
Judge has awarded Possession on Mandatory Grounds, however although he stated 14 days during the hearing, the Court Order states 'on or before 24 October' which is only 12 days.
On advice from yourselves I had delivered a note to the tenant stating that they must leave by 27th.
Is the judge allowed to give less than 14 days and will this cause an issue when carrying out possession? The order allows transfer up to HCEO so I am hoping to move fairly swiftly, obviously the action would not be until 5-10 days more but does the 'mistake' invalidate the award in any way?
Also, I provided an up to date Rent schedule on the day which correctly stated arrears of £1844 but that calculation allows for rent being due at the beginning of the rental period whereas HB will be paid in arrears to cover £1100. Judge has allowed for arrears to be taken from deposit but of course with those stated figures there is no reason for tenant not to trash the place before leaving.
I would appreciate urgent advice as to how and WHEN to proceed.
Kind Regards

21/10/2016 20:41

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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