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Installing a new boiler

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I have agreed with my tenants that they need a new boiler in their flat and have got a fellah lined up to do it. I have never had a big job done in a place while there are actual tenants in situ, so I need advice.

The flat is first floor and the gas comes in at ground floor. Every plumber who came to look at the job told me the pipe was too narrow to feed the new boiler so new pipe will have to be installed. This means that the job is likely to take more than a day and also will need to go under floor boards in the tenant's main living area. They have a wardrobe and a double bed on top of the bit that will have to be accessed to thread in the new gas pipe.

I would really like the tenant to be there to supervise the moving about of their own stuff, but he seemed very reluctant to get a day off work for this - understandable, I'm sure ... but it is HIS stuff and I feel that the plumber and/or me are on dodgy ground shifting his stuff while he is at work.

The tenant suggested doing it at the weekend but the fellah cannot do weekends.

Comments anyone?

25/10/2016 15:46

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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