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Pro's & cons of Smart Meters colleagues?

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Thinking of encouraging tenants to apply for installation of SMART meters. These are applicable to ALL sorts of meters. This gives them the convenient facility to 'top-up' Pay as U GO meters from smart phones & see which plugged-in equipment is using most energy. No more Meter Reading needed so an end to estimated bills [ always complained about even though the remedy is in their gift].

Seems catches shown on web-sites & by 2020 they'll be a requirement anyway.
Just wondered if any colleages had experience of SMART meters or know of shortcomings in terms of security of the info that's retrieved & used to calculate/pinpoint usage.

Would be useful to me during summer vacations & also at change-overs when I need to travel miles to get reliable meter-readings. Would service providers disputing tnts Final meter readings[ DOH, these can often be unreliable].

I'm aware of it's another 'Big Brother' risk of data high-jacking. It's on the horizon though & the security will have to be one step ahead of the hackers...if that's ever possible. Even NATO is susceptible to hackers!

Your time & your comments/thoughts, as always are very welcome.

27/10/2016 14:16

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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