Minimum notice service to leave by live in landlord to tenant (renting a room)

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Minimum Notice to tenant to leave
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Live in landlord with family) in privately owned home. Renting furnished room to tenant. Again tenant has failed to pay rent on time for 1st of each month (We suspect he has found somewhere else to live as he has been avoiding the landlord - Date now 3rd November, no rent or further discussion received from the tenant who has recently become very disgruntled.

Two weeks Deposit of £220 is held by Landlord in bank, not under a secured protection authority as advised not required in this scenario.

I wish to serve a minimum Notice to Leave as soon as possible in order to secure some of the deposit money remaining before he leaves the property at end of two weeks in case of cost to cover any damage etc. Also to allow for immediate advertising and viewings for the room to be rented.

He has rented the room under contract for 6 months. A renewed contract for a further 6 months was signed on 1st October 2016, but he has since become very disgruntled.

Please advise if there is such a notice? what is the minimum period? how can I serve it quickly and effectively preferably without court or officials involved? May I hand write it? Send by text? Is there a specific form I need to complete. Please advise urgently.

Thanking you in advance

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