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default payments and reposession

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I previously had a few minor issues with a tenant last year, essentially around contract renewals and access to the property for gas checks. Stable tenant historically, with no late payments in the prior 3yrs. We have gone through the same problems with contract renewals, first presented to her in July and only signed in October, refusal for gas checks claiming she does not use the boiler/that it was condemned - which it has certainly not been as serviced/checked by B.Gas. Deposit scheme has been completed within 30 days of her signing the new contract contract was dated July, but have dated my signature accordingly to when it was signed with her. So whats the problem?

She has missed two months of payments as of this week, refusing a Signed for Delivery notice of arrears and 10 days to make the outstanding payment. She also has refused the same for the deposit scheme notification, which she needs to sign - I had enclosed a stamped addressed envelope and notice that failure to sign will be taken as agreement. So will be visiting her in person today to hand deliver both and question why the rent has not been paid/payment of outstanding. She has no email address or phone, so postal/in person correspondence only. We have taken the decision that after many years this is slippery slope with the tenant and want rid of her. She was working when she first took the tenancy, but have the sense that she has either retired and/or is now on benefits at some point this year and has not advised me of this. Payments have been DD from her bank account.

My understanding is Section 8 is the breach of terms, but Section 21 may be quicker. Do I do both simultaneously in this situation? I envisage she is going to be a joy to get out, so want to make this as swift as possible.

08/11/2016 12:40

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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