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I had a tenant who vacated the property. All rent paid up but when I took the final meter readings I noticed that the electricity reading was exactly the same reading as when the tenancy started. I looked at the meter and saw that the tenant or associate, has bypassed the meter and obliviously forgotten to remove the evidence when they left. I took photos of the meter and readings and reported it to EON the supplier. I emailed the photo to the revenue protection service, illegal interference of energy metersand notified the police, to clear myself, so I have a crime number. The police will not take action unless EON report it as it's EON's property. I've contacted EON twice and they don't seem to be interested in either removing the bypass and resealing the meter or taking photos and evidence for a prosecution. I have a new tenant moving in, in a few days and the meter is still bypassed. I've phoned ENWL all they will do is 'make it safe' by removing the main fuse.

I'm keeping legal and above board but the authorities are not interested. I got EON to check the start reading for this tenant after I had gave them the final reading and all he would say is they haven't used any electricity!!!

I explained that the meter has been interfered with and the evidence is still in situ, and it needs correcting but it fell on deaf ears, they wasn't interested.
Iv'e heard nothing back from revenue protection either.

This has left me in an awkward situation as I'm letting a new tenant in when I know that the meter is illegally bypassed.

Anyone had similar experience?

13/11/2016 21:12

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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