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Hi all
I have an awkward tenant single lady with kids , Lha tenant with gurantor) , for some reasons we sent section 21 which expired in September and she applied for a council home , council was got in touch to check the deposit certificate and section 21 notice and when they found everything ok , they got quiet, I been told by a tenant that council is rehousing and need more time so spare some more time and as it's a woman with kids , I thought to give her extra time , she has paid all up to date rent, two weeks ago she texted me what I am going to do about the court proceedings so I replied her I was giving her an extra time as what she originally asked for , she then said council told her until the court order she won't help her. So I texted her that as Christmas is approaching, I will start it after Christmas ( my approach on this matter was - I been paid rent and I am going away for about a month from early Dec to early January, so ideally didn't want to start it and this way I would have to involve a solicitor meaning extra money but .....
yesterday I got text message saying she can pay rent this month as normal but from end of Dec , But can't pay full as my benefit cap cut my hosing benefit significantly
Now the big question...... my idea is now give the whole matter to solicitors on Monday and take it from there , but hubby has a different approach, he thinks that send court notices after we back in this country end of first week of Jan) as it's a Christmas and it's a woman with four kids and can't get her out on street during festive seasons. I spoked to tenant ( I know she wants eviction, she told me I will go to my mums house, I won't be on street but all she wants a council house(I know that's not easy but tenant thinks it will work in her favour my hubby's arguments are people knows in that area from a long time as we are involved in another business , and it won't look good if we evict her before Christmas so at the moment I can't decide what to do.
My business mind says it will look as bed after Christmas and legally we right so why wait and loose more money ? What's your opinion on this matter ?
This lady is socially very active and won't think twice before defaming us but why should we bother ?
Thanks for reading my lengthy post! Hope you have some advise for me !

19/11/2016 11:37

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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