Tenant left owing 4 months rent, but says will pay installments

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Hi, We issued a section 21 notice to our tenants who were behind on rent. To our surprise they vacated the property may be a good thing). The informed us of this by email, they also cc the council as they were receiving financial assistance. In the email that said they would pay small instalments and speak to a financial adviser (heard this before to pay off the arrears.
My question, should I take action to get the money owed to me through the courts now or wait a while to see what the tenant and financial adviser come up with.
Seeing as they informed the council in writing that they had vacted the property, i used my spare key to check the premises was secure and the gas and water was isolated. Nothing else touch and an independent person videos the visit 9 I informed my now former tenent I was doing this)
Should I take any official measures to enter the property as I wish to begin refurbishment as soon as. Thank you

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