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I manage an HMO in Leeds for my son, who lives in London. He is copied into this email.

We have recently been granted a licence for the property 9/11/16 following a visit by the housing officer.

At the visit, the housing officer identified some aspects requiring further action because they did not meet the required conditions, and provided a schedule of these. Most of the outstanding issues have already been complied with and any remaining are in hand to be done.

However, when we received the draft licence we were also sent a long list of Licence Conditions, one of which our property currently does not meet. This same document was sent with the actual licence.

One of these conditions is the requirement to have whole stair lighting. Currently, the property’s stairs are lit in the conventional manner - each level and stairway has its own switch. We have had an electrical survey, and asked the electrician to look into converting it to whole stair lighting, but he said that would be extremely difficult - if not impossible - to do so because of the construction of the property. As the housing officer did not mention this at the visit, and as it is not identified in the schedule of “additional work” we are a bit bemused and wonder whether we need to pursue this.

Under normal circumstances I would just get on the phone and speak to him - but he has been so unpleasant and aggressive whenever I have spoken to him previously, I hesitate to do so. Initially he refused point blank to give us a licence at all and threatened enforcement, but following a discussion with his manager, a draft licence magically appeared. Naturally, I would rather not rock the boat!!

Your advice would be appreciated.

25/11/2016 15:38

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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