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Rent increases

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any advice please. Our tenant moved out owing nearly £2000 from arrears. It was a difficult tenancy mainly due to the couple parting and the woman who remained going onto housing benefit. The arrears happened because the council had paid her rent direct and she did'nt pay us. We have gone to the guarantor ex's stepfather . We've now received message from her stating that after getting advice, she has been informed that we broke terms of the tenancy agreement, as we were required to give 6 months notice on our rent increase and only put rent up by a certain percentage. Is this right?

I've looked at the RLA AST we used in 2014 and cannot see any clauses. We did increase rent by £100 after 2 years without giving notice, as we had previously issued a sec 21 but then agreed to her remaining after the ex intervened asking us to keep her on, for their kids sake. He agreed along with her to the rent increase.

She has said if it goes to court she will bring to their attention. It would take too long to go into all the stress she has caused us, but is her advice true? It only says on RLA guide that rent can be increased if tenant agreed, which she did.

Thank you
Super stressed novice landlord

26/11/2016 00:19

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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