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I have five properties and all under Homeserve. But they have started playing around.

My own house is under Homeserve and my front door lock was playing around and it was hard to lock. Homeserve sent the locksmith and he was not qualified. He played around but could not fix it.

There was my lift up garage door and its lock to hinge wire snapped. I rang homeserve and they agreed to repair it. Locksmith took the picture of the wire connection which is around one metre length and promised to bring the wire to repair it. He didn't.

My front door was properly repaired by adjustment of hinges which the previous locksmith failed and blamed my door.

Now, I asked Homeserve why it is not covered and my garage door not secure? They will not answer and have sent me the final reply to be sent to the financial Ombudsman, which I will send.

Also, the front spot light bulb was gone and I called Homeserve to look into it. He came all the way and told me the bulb has gone. He didn't carry a replacement one and told me to buy one myself and they will fix it. I did buy myself and he came all the way back to fix it. It doesn't make sense to me that such small items even they do not supply.

I pay well over $250 a year that includes the boiler service. Is it worth having this service?

Any suggestion for an alternative company for all of my properties please?

30/11/2016 23:32

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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