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We have a DSS tenant single mother with 2 children) who has been in our property since 2013. Her tenancy was generally satisfactory until a new boyfriend started stopping over regularly earlier this year. They had rows with lots of noise and bad language upsetting the neighbours two of whom are also our tenants. After several warnings we issued section 8 and 21 notices. We did point out that we may not follow the notices through if the problems ceased which they pretty well did. Shortly after section 21 expired she handed in her notice. She then started living with her boyfriend at his flat quite a lot of the time (we were unaware of this. Several times she ashed if she could stop on for a few more weeks because her new place was not ready yet (this was plausible because quite a few flood damaged properties are not yet habitableand there is a shortage of properties to let. A firm departure date of 26 November was then fixed and we advertised the property. She did not move out on 26th but moved some furniture out and her children are no longer living there. On 26 the property was not empty and she asked for a couple more days which we agreed to. We have agreed to re let the property to new tenants from 17 December and they are keen to move in. However a few days ago the tenant who was due to move out asked if she could withdraw her notice and stay in the house. We said no and that it should be cleared this weekend and we will inspect on 7 Dec. We were passing today and no further items have been removed. Her Daughter is advertising some items for sale and looking for storage on Facebook. We really do need the house to be cleared before next weekend.
Would I be right in thinking that if she does not clear the house and hand over the keys we will have to go to court to get possession?
Any advice appreciated

04/12/2016 23:29

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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