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I have a tenant who has been nothing but a nightmare since the day she has moved in demanding things to be done in the property,we have done every thing she has asked straight away and she said she was very happy with the service until the next problem arises then we get grieth again,before she moved in there was a brand new door fitted which cost the landlord 250,one week after she moved in she phoned me claiming that she had been broken into and that the door was damaged,we ordered a new panel straight away when it came it took us 4 weeks to get access as she wouldn't answer her door even though we had made a lot of appointments we then heard that she had phoned the police claiming that she was trapped in her home and that it was the police who had broke the door,when i confronted her she denied it and we lost all contact with her for a month,eventually we got the panel fitted and again we were praised for our work.
On good friday i got a phone call saying that her boiler was not working so i went round to have a look,i turned the boiler off and called one of the lads,he then went round and confirmed she needed a new boiler and it couldn't be fitted till tuesday with it being a bank hol,she seemed fine with that or so i thought,i got a voicemail off her at 7.15pm on sat night saying that its not on and i'm taking the landlord to court as i will of been without heat and hot water for 4 days come tuesday,she was quite nasty about this,she has been in property for 4 months now and always paid her rent,her husband is a lovely man but she has just chucked him out,it seems to me that she has psychological problems,can she take the landlord to court as its not as if we have avoided doing the work,just with it being a boiler we couldn't get anyone at such short notice,she has also booked into a B&B for her and her new boyfriend and said as well as taking landlord to court she is going to give us the bill,is this fair please let me know as i want to go see her tuesday
24/03/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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