Hammersmith & Fulham introduce licensing of Residetial Landlords properties

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Dear RLA,

We received today an email from the Council informing us of their intention to introduce licences from Jan 2017.

The absence of a debate, we were never consulted even if the Council claims that they have consulted 2,000 people, the timing just before Christmas and the speed of the introduction is obviously a way to prevent landlords from being able to react.

Beyond the cost £540 per property, the worry is that Council will use the need for Landlords to get a License for imposing all kind of conditions in order to obtain these licenses. This could include the size of your bin shed, painting the entrance or even committing to a low level of rent. Once Landlords need a licence from the Council, they are at the mercy of the Council.

For now, the Council seem to only want to impose licences on sharers accommodation more than two 'unrelated people', but there is no doubt that once this in place, they will want to expand a policy that brings significant founds to the coffer of the Council and give them the power to control everything we do with our property.

This is clearly a breach of Resident Landlords property rights. Needless to say that many Landlords will convert their 3 bedroom flats into smaller properties to avoid the need to get a licence.

Can you help fighting this dreadful attack on our freedom?

Yours faithfully,

Sabine Guerry

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09/12/2016 23:23

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