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My tenant moved in 5/8/2016 with a RLA Assured shorthold tenancy agreement- room only and the deposit registered with Deposit Guard. On moving in he paid the rent of £390 and his deposit of £390.
Since moving in he has paid no rent and I issued a Section 8Form 3 on the grounds 8,10,11 on 17/11/2016 stating that court proceedings will not start until after 2/12/2016.
The tenant has still made no effort to pay any rent and his arrears are now over £1,641.

My question is:

Can I issue a section 21 at the same time as a section 8, because apart from the arrears I just want him to vacate the property with the minimal amount of fuss.

What do you suggest?

Kind regards,


13/12/2016 16:20

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