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During being in Germany for six years and leaving my three flats in London in the hand of a franchise estate agent was a big mistake and costly. By employing rightly or wrongly wrong builders and accumualating a lot of costs and making business decisions on my behalf and only they profited. And in 2015 when I got rid of them one of the owner Mr x. wrote to me an apologetic email that this would not happen again and they not make business decisions for me and then they introduced a tenant originally from an East European Country, member from EU free to come and go whom they claimed was working as a builder and he was, according to them, manager of the council. He only paid deposit and no rent at all since December 2015 until last month that I evicted them and that was costly too. All the costs are as much as 15000 pounds, just for that tenant alone. During his stay I also noticed that he had sublet the flat from 4-20 people at the same time and charged them at the same time. He charged those people who were sharing the same room. The photo's I got from the shoes I believe the shop downstairs who told me that 20 people were living there. The contract I have from this agency is actually only a policy of how they conduct their business and I look at my emails that when I had requested I need a contract in the beginning, 8 years ago I can see this is the only thing they supply. Nobody's signature is at the bottom, it is just a letter from a well known American company. Now I would like to write them an initial letter of breech of contract agreement of being the full agent and not doing anything and ignoring me for the last 8 month despite my several emails and letters that it is their resonsibility and they have ignored it all. I like to write this letter so I can take them to a small claim court for 10,000. I believe they own me a minimum of 30,000 pounds but it is so costly that through solicitors that I don't think it is worthwhile so I only go for 10,000 and also I like if there is a solicitor who can just charge me for this letter and filling up my small claim court papers for 10,000 with reasonable price since I am dyslexic and cannot write these letters and documents

17/12/2016 08:16

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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