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....Christmas allows tenants to spend their rent money on presents.

I've only ever had a few issues down the years but you can always see things coming. I have sent off, yesterday, the N325, for a Bailiff to enforce an order for possession. The lady in question knows that she must keep rent up to date or risk not getting help from the council .. yet, due 18th, nothing from her except a text to say "I need to go to the council, I'll update you later". later never came BTW.

Which translates into "I've spent your rent money and I'm winging it now".

I'm only writing this here as a discussion point. Of course I know I've started the final leg of the goodbye process, however, do people never think further than buying a new Barbie or a new Batman for their child? I have spent my whole life making sure my home was protected first .. the modern day tenant she is 75% LHA cares little for that subject.


Happy Christmas one and all.


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23/12/2016 12:03

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