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I have some (almost) new build 3-storey houses which are each to be let to 5 students and thus would be subject to HMO licensing. The houses were built in 2003-05 and have self-closing doors which are rated to 30 mins fire resistance, and thus meet at least part of the published requirements: “All risk rooms (bedroom, living room, kitchen) need 30 minute fire resisting doors”.

I am looking for a clear instruction on whether or not the HMO fire regulations require that these fire-resistant doors also need fire- and smoke-resistant door seals, because this obviously involves cost to me and disruption to the tenants to have all those doors taken down and have the seals fitted. One landlord I know says it needs a groove to be cut (with a router) along the vertical sides and top edge of each door, and maybe the bottom edge too if the gap under the door is too great.

There would obviously be a lot of noise, sawdust and fine dust through the house and in the carpets too (more noise with the vacuum cleaning afterwards).

Are these door seals absolutely mandatory?

If it is mandatory, does anyone have simpler ways to achieve this?

Any idea of budgets?

Many thanks!

26/03/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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