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We have a large workshop which we use for storage when we went to university. There's also a static that's down the bottom of the garden, once a year we use the lights so people can use the toilet. For this the tenant was paid £5 cash in hand, more than covering 2 lights for 5-6 hours. After the event it's fuse is removed/ breaker turned off. Also a couple times a month my dad uses the workshop to get tools ready to petrol mow/hedge cut the garden (it's rather large and they can't look after the road frontage and hedge, so we look after it) Occasionally he'll use the table saw that's there, or his angle grinder to sharpen tools other than that there's there's nothing else of use there. Oh maybe a kettle, but more often than not he goes to the neighbours. Never the less they are demanding money for all the electricity used, as we can't provide exact times and what was used by my dad, we looked at him going there every week for 2 hours, using the lights, the table saw for about 10 mins a kettle a couple of times and a grinder for about 10 mins.... bear in mind there are windows and my dad is often just getting the tools for the gardening, feeling them testing them etc and he has his own workshop also so really hasn't been there that much, I can account for nearly 10 weeks he wasn't there over the year, (he was on holiday, visiting family in London, and Grandma was ill and unfortunately passed away). Also when he leaves if he even turned the breaker for the workshop on, he turns it off. She's contacted her energy supplier and they say she's paying for more than she uses (bare in mind the curtains are always closed, lights, and tv on in every room, and she has 3 2kw heaters running also - these are observations when we were able to gain access to do repairs), she's demanding we pay her for the usage for power we simply haven't used. In the tenancy we have put a section stating any use of power she'd be reimbursed. But if it's not been used why would you pay for what you haven't had....this is just a plethora of issues we're faced with, and our ignorance has caused so many problems for us that it feels like we'll end up in jail eventually! Is there anything we can do? Are we going to end up being the bad guy, no matter what we do? We've laid out a whole years costs as stated above but they're still insisting more and a monthly payment....

03/01/2017 16:41

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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