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I have just been sorting out my landlord licensing in Liverpool for 4 properties I own. I know this scheme is already grossly unpopular. This costs £400 for 5 years, reduced to £200 with RLA membership. I have paid the reduced fee thanks to RLA membership, but having been issued provisional licenses by the council, I have noticed that they only run until 31/3/2020. I only bought the properties on 31/3/16, I can understand them back dating to the date of purchase, but not any further. So despite paying for 5 years of license, I am only getting 4 years. I have queried this with the council, and they have said that there is nothing they can do as the licensing period is 1/4/15 to 31/3/2020, regardless of when you purchase the properties.
Do you know if this has affected other people, and is there anything that can be done? On this logic, if I, or anyone else were to buy more property in Liverpool, either now, or maybe even in 2019, they would still have to pay the full license cost, which is massively unfair. I feel it is particularly bad that this is not mentioned anywhere online until after you have paid. This is a big deal that people need to know about, and could effectively kill the Liverpool property market in 2019, as no one will want to buy any BTL properties at that time.
I would appreciate your assistance on this!

Simon Fuller

04/01/2017 15:27

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