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I have joined RLA yesterday.

We have had a tenant at our property for 3 years. She was found for us by la letting agency. She was fine for first 6 months.

After the first 6 months the garden was not kept up and we ended up sorting it ourselves and got rid of items she had left outside which she hadn't disposed of. Not too much of a problem to us, but looking after the garden was in the tenancy agreement. Our neighbour was not happy about the state of the garden.

We made a mistake in allowing her to bring her cat to the property, when we had said it was no pets. Her elderly parents were unable to look after it any more and her children were missing it.

We arranged to go and sort the garden summer 2015 and found she had gone away leaving the cat in the house with neighbours popping in to look after it.She had not mentioned this to us. We were not happy! When she came home we asked to inspect the house. She tried to stop us until we found out we were able to enter the house if we gave her notice. The hall and stair carpet was badly clawed, bald patches and torn in places. She told us she knew she had lost her bond.

Last year, the garden again was not maintained as she told us she had done damage to her knee. Again we cleared the garden and we suggested she get a gardener, we could increase the rent to bring one in. She told us she couldn't afford it.

We have had a few problems since then. We have replaced the oven and hob, which were brand new when she went into the property. These were both badly neglected and the electrician was surprised they were only 2 1/2 years old. (I have taken photos.)

There have been other minor problems.

This year, after 3 years, we have given her written notice that we are going to increase the rent by £10 per month.(We kept the amount low in view of the fact she is a single mum with two children,) Again she has told us she can't afford it. She told us she is a single mum and has changed her job and taken a pay cut. She also told us she would be happy to talk to us about it.

Since then we gave her a deadline of a good few days to decide if she will accept the £10 per month increase.

She texted and has told us she doeasn't want to renew the agreement.

We have told her that the rent increase is not negotiable but we will talk to her about her leaving the property. We are going there on Thursday.

I am not sure what to expect. I have a feeling she has been bluffing in the hope we will change our minds about the rent increase and she will have suddenly found the £10.

We do know theat the value of the property has risen in the area were the house is situated.

We know we are going to have alot to do to get the property back to the standard it was in before she took on the tenancy. We had spent several thousand pounds to get it up to a good standard.

We have decided we will not renew the tenancy, but have quite a few concerns.

Are there any letters or forms we should take on Thursday?

She could stop paying rent to raise a bond and first payment at another property.This could be likely if she can't find an extra £10 each month for rent.

We are worried about how she may leave the property when she goes as the agreement finishes at the end of June.

Underthe circumstances how often should we do an inspection?

Also, she knows she has lost her bond with what the cat has done to the carpets. We know this has spread in other areas, but is not as bad as on the stairs.She will problably not be too worried about any more damage or keeping the house as she should do.

We should have joined this before, but have only recently found out about RLA. We know we have let too much go.

I would appreciate any advice about our meeting on Thursday. Do we need to take anything with us, and if anyone has any advice on our way forward with this.

Many thanks.

07/01/2017 13:23

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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