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Good Afternoon

Got a situation where a tenant has signed up to a 6 month tenancy agreement on 18th November 2016 when viewing the property he requested that we make alterations to the kitchen in order to fit his tables and chairs in we in good faith carried out these works.
By the 28th of November he then decides that he doesn't want to move into the property and his agreement starts on the 1st of December we then confirm that the property will be re-advertised for rent.
We informed the tenant that he would be liable for the property until we found another tenant only for him to come back to us on the 2nd December to say that he has changed his mind and would like to take the property on.
By this time he has already paid a bond to secure the property and on the 5th December he pays for Decembers rent.
So all is good and he is all set up-we then get a phone call after we handed the keys over to him on the 10th December stating that he cant afford to take the property on.

We have now got the property tenanted and they moved in January-so the question is should the former tenant loose the deposit considering the following:

We have carried out works on his behalf and incurred costs
We have had to re-advertise the property
We have had to provide another tenancy pack
We have had to administer another inventory

All thoughts are appreciated.

Kind Regards

12/01/2017 18:30

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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