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Dear sir/madam

I have just spoken with Wez on your advice line and whilst he has confirmed the following answers to our queries, he has instructed us to write here to get a written response confirming the same.

We are proposing to convert a 2 storey flat into a 5 double bed HMO in the borough of Wandsworth, where such HMOs currently do not require to be licensed.

It is our understanding that there are no rules that dictate minimum communal space requirements that we would need to adhere to - please confirm

We also understand that the 10.2sqm of space per double bedroom can also contain an esnuite bathroom facility within the same 10.2sqm - please confirm.

If Wandsworth were to introduce licensing in the future, would be need to comply fully?

For reference we will actually be providing 29sqm of communal space, however this will be open plan Kitchen/Diner/Living room. there will also be a 15sqm open terrace/courtyard.

As all rooms will have an ensuite, we are not proposing to provide a communal bathroom.



16/01/2017 16:43

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