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Hi. Our tenant (single mother with 2 children) is due to leave the property at the end of June, when the Shorthold Tenancy Agreement ends.
Unfortunately the security deposit was not registered. We only became aware of this very recently. The estate agent omitted to mention this when they passed on the deposit and the first months rent. They were aware this was a first time letting and the only only property we let. We are going to write to them, but not sure it will make any difference to anything.We are waiting to do this because we don't want anything to impede this tenant finding another property. There is also the problem about what sort of reference we would be able to give her under the circumstances, (if we are asked). She does pay her rent on time though.

We have returned the deposit and got her to sign for receipt of this. She has cashed it and it has gone through our bank today.

We will be giving her the How to rent booklet, gas safety certificate and EPC in a few days and serving Section 21 in April

We have damaged carpets at the property, have needed to replace an oven and hob after under three years use, due to neglect. The garden has not been looked after and we have needed to remove trailer loads of rubbish from the garden and tenfoot over the past 3 years.

How often are we allowed to inspect the property up to her leaving? Can we photograph damage?

As we have returned the deposit for the reason above do we have to bare the cost of all damage and neglect. Can she be taken to court? Would it be worth it as she clearly does not have money to pay for any replacement or repair.

Someone has also told us that if she is served a county court judgement
it would be registered at our property we are letting and it would create problems for other residents.

I just want to make sure we care doing things right now.

We want to leave her at the property until the end of the agreement if we can, but if we need to and things deteriorate we will go through court to serve the Section 21 earlier.


18/01/2017 16:23

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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