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During our emergency lights and fire alarm check in our 4 floors of hall I noticed that one of the flats fire entrance door had writing on it,

It was in chalk at the top of the door and spelt out C+M+ B 2017

I emailed the tenant in question and told them it was noted during a safety check that there was writing found on the entrance fire door to their flat. I asked them to wash it off without damaging the door

The reply was it is a Polish Christmas tradition and that it was white chalk. They will be washing it off with water which wont damage the door(?)

Has anyone else heard of this.?

I was actually shocked . I don't want our expensive fire doors written on whether chalk or anything else.

Can I myself do anything and say it is tradition? Shouting out loud when tenants irritate me

Be interesting to know if other LLords have had this excuse.

18/01/2017 20:44

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