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That got your attention!

As simple as I can put it (I advised against renting this place from the start and was told to but out by my mum)

Ok where do I begin? I'll give you facts, rather than war and peace, then ask my question

- My Niece(18) with baby, rents a flat in a poor estate, heated by electric, now infested with damp and mice, from a London solicitor on a 12 month contract from May 2016

- Baby admitted to hospital a week ago, due to (found out last night) a bite from a mouse, pest control have said whole building is infested, get out and don't live there, landlord is a moron but a solicitor(apparently).

- I have one of my places they can move into on the 14th Feb, in-between she is living elsewhere as of last night

- rent date on old place is 20th (today), but runs to 19th May 2017

how do you get the landlord to relinquish the tenancy as this point?

Throw environmental health at him?

Just want a few bits of advice? As this is my family I'm being parachuted into a situation I MASSIVELY advised against in the first place.

I might add this is the third attempt at a baby by my niece, 1 termination, 1 eptopic(?), and one born. A very sad situation my sister could not control from when she was about 13. Luckily, my Sister is still standing by her, and I'm having to reluctantly stand by my sister and mum now that my "seeing the future" has become reality. (I was told to but out by my mum last year and that I could not predict the future....) lol

Anyway ... here I am (again) picking up the pieces, but this time with a seriously ill baby due to mice bites. ( and the baby is allergic to penicillin)

How does my sister get him to let them leave early from the 12 month contract?

Personally I'd be taking him to court for the unfit state of the place. But it is not me ..

20/01/2017 08:14

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