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Hi all
my current tenant has been with me for 3 years, last year he informed me he will not be extending his contact as he is buying a house. At the time i explained that as fine but it may be difficult trying to tie in buying a house and renting (giving notice) however i agreed to extend for a fixed period - not on a month by month basis . He didn't like this and wanted a rolling monthly contract.
I have since found new tenants and agreed to extend his by a month only as he couldn't decide what he wanted to do.

Current contract ends 27th feb. 12th Jan i dropped off the new contact for him to sign. i signed my bits and he was going to sign and post them back to me
Yesterday i text him as i needed to go to the house on Monday to do some bits, i said i would pick up the contract. He said he wont be signing the contract until the 27th Feb as he may not to extend. I replied saying he needs to let me know before the contracts ends and i have the authority not to extend and i will let him know by 27th Jan if i want to extend his contract. It seems to me he believes he can tell me what and when he wants to do things.
I rang him and explained to him that he needs to let me know before his contracts ends what he wants to do.

He told me i was harassing him (this was the 1st time i have chased up the contract) and then said he hasnt signed it as he wants to speak to his solicitor for advice. This wound me up! he has been using this contract (AST) for 3 years and now he wants its checked over!!.

I told him i am not interested in extending the contract now as he is too unreasonable and i dont need the stress.He put the phone down on me

I emailed him and whats app him (so i can see he has read it) to explain i do not want to extend the contract and would like them to leave on 27th Feb and that i would formally send him a letter

So my question is...even though i have sent him the contracts with my signature on, he hasnt signed them yet (i have evidence of this) I assume i am still within my rights not to extend and the stil have to vacate n 27th feb?

thanks for your help.

21/01/2017 16:08

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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