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Hi All,

We recently had a flood in our block of apartments caused by the common drain system getting blocked by nappies and 'things' at the manhole outside. The water backed up and ended up escaping into our second floor flat via the bath plumbing. The carpet was soaked and I had to hire a machine to suck the water out of the carpet etc.

It got me thinking about the dividing line between Buildings Insurance and Contents Insurance. I wondered what others view were? If the carpet that I provided originally in a flat (apartment) is damaged by something outside of my control does that come under contents insurance or buildings insurance?

Should we get insurance ourselves as landlords to cover damage to the carpets? In our case the carpets recovered but if they were damaged then would this normally be covered by the Buildings Insurance or should we take out a separate insurance to cover against this eventuality?

If a radiator broke off the wall and then leaked water into the apartment then would this be covered by buildings Insurance, contents insurance or should we take out another insurance? I look forward to your thoughts.

Many thanks.

L Mason

22/01/2017 14:56

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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