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Hello colleagues.
Just running this one up the pole;

Time to think about getting another VEHICLE for my LL business/work & everything that entails. Nothing flash as it would be parked in very in-salubrious locations so needs to be unobtrusive & non-threatening. Budget 8K.

And has anyone had experience of leasing a business vehicle & found this to be more cost-effective over the long-term?

Has any colleague got a superb model/make to recommend that is flexible & spacious enough to carry both small & large tools, collapsible ladders, sundry equipment, is smart enough to use as a portable office & also ferry folk around in comfort?

Visiting lots of showrooms, autotrader sites & scanning vehicles on the m/way.
Just thought I'd widen my fields of research.
Many thanks in advance for your thoughts.

27/01/2017 01:23

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