The tenant has a section 21, would an 8 be quicker and more reliable

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I sold four flats in a development of eight flats. I still own four and the freehold of the whole property.

One of the flats I sold on a 999yr lease has been let to a tenant who is profoundly anti social, she is making the other tenant's lives miserable. The leaseholder, the person to whom I sold the 999yr, has served a section 21 at my behest but at the time the tenant was only three months into a 6 month tenancy.

I expect that when the date for the tenant to leave comes round she will have no where to go. The local authority, as in the usual way of things, will encourage her to stay and wait for her to be forced to leave. As I understand it at the point the section 21 matures the leaseholder will have to apply to the courts for possession if the tenant does not leave voluntarily. If she forces the formal eviction process it will be couple of months to get a hearing if your are lucky, then a months notice, then a wait for bailiffs to enforce things - six months at best and 10 months if things do not go smoothly.

I have asked for a section 8 to be issued on the basis of her well documented behaviour. One of my tenants, having been physically threatened, has moved out to stay with her parents and recently a builder refused to do some work on the roof not trusting the abusive miscreant tenant to be at the bottom of his ladder. Will a section 8 now be quicker and more reliable than the section 21 that will mature in about six weeks?

30/01/2017 12:23

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