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I'm the Managing Director of a Right To Manage company, responsible for management and maintenance of an apartment block with 10 flats. There is one particularly troublesome tenant I would really like to evict as he is causing trouble for all other decent tenants in the block, however I do not own this particular flat and have been unsuccessful in attempting to contact the flat owner.

I need to know what legal avenues are available to me particularly if the landlord of this flat is unwilling to co-operate in evicting this tenant - for example can I cite breach of the lease as grounds for eviction ? If I can prove that one or more breaches of the lease have occurred, does this empower me to instigate eviction proceeding by bypassing the landlord of the flat ? Do I need to involve the freeholder or could I even use their powers to assist with the eviction ? What kind of evidence would I need - would witness statement from the other tenants be adequate or would I need harder evidence, etc?

02/02/2017 15:58

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