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We have a feeling our tenant may flit

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Her deposit has been returned as it wasn't registered in a deposit scheme, no thanks to estate agent we used.

We do know there is damage in the house, but won't know to what extent until she has gone. It is likely she will leave alot of rubbish as several trailer loads have been moved by us since she went into the property.

She is not keeping us up to date with her moving date or where she is moving to. She said she would do this. She has only paid part of her rent for this next month, so we can work out roughly when she will go.

Yesterday a neighbour told us that she has changed her car in the last week or two and this tenant has called me from several different mobile numbers over the last few weeks. (The neighbour is going to make a note of her car registration number and let us know if a van appears and it looks as though the family are moving out.)

With the fact that she could still sue us for 3X deposit.

Should we try harder to get access to inspect property before she goes bearing in mind we have returned her deposit?

I am unsure, if we do see her before she leaves, about her signing anything to say she is leaving and we agree to the tenancy ending early and then find there is more damage and neglect than the 3x amount of the deposit. How would we deal with this?

If she flits we may have probs with bills coming through the door etc.

If she hasn't signed anything and just goes, how long would we need to wait before we start getting rid of anything she leaves behind, as she could return for more. Her rent covers her up to 20th February. Can we dispose of stuff soon after that date?

I would appreciate any advice and to be prepared if this does happen.

04/02/2017 08:13

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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