How much to charge for work required if a tenant wants to leave before end of tenancy

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Updating addendum
Need to know how much to put down for charging tenant for
Drawing up a new advert,placing on spare room £23 month and Open Rent(for portals) £29 out time so £70 one off charge then monthly £52
For responding daily to any potential new tenants and drawing up shortlist daily .this can be an hour a day so how much?
Payment for return travel to viewings,2hr so £15 p,us cost of time for 2 people(I never do solo) 2 viewings at 45 mins each so out of house for 3.5 hrs.
2 pre meetings for 1st meetingright to rent,initial payments and gathering of info 1.5 hrs(2 of us)
Referencing/checks/phone calls and checking banks in person
Emailing all necessary
2nd meeting balance of moneys,DPS forms4 pages x3 if there are 2 tenants,AST plus addendum read,understand and questions.
This meeting is 1.5 hrs with 2 of us
Then in between send more emails,type up receipt letters
Meeting 3 check in,go thru 10 pages x 3 of inventory then go thru room folder,sign,This meeting is 2hrs both of us present.
We use loads and loads of paper
So how much is fair to charge tenant in advance

I am doing large paragraph on addendum so it would be great to have your thoughts.It is a lot of work which we do not have to do and we do not have to take anyone on if they are not suitable

04/02/2017 17:05

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